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Farhad Meher-Homji
Slide the Shakes
Solar Schools


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Traffic Property


300 George
Art Series 'The Johnson'

The Village
Stockland Harvey Bay
Australand 'Yungaba'

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Ali Cameron June 2018

Ali Cameron is a director who thrives in the space between control and the unpredictable. She has an affinity for creating environments that allow authentic stories to emerge, finding honest perspectives within the intervention of the commercial craft. 
Having lived on four continents, Ali is enamoured with capturing the stories people have to tell. She cut her filmmaking teeth in the bold world of the São Paulo film industry and has a background in photographic art and journalism that gives her work a natural & raw aesthetic that traverses multiple art forms. 
Shooting for one of Brasil’s largest newspapers and learning Portuguese on the run taught Ali that connections don’t depend on language and creative instinct is everything. She learnt to be nimble, open, and above all courageous.
From mosques in Istanbul to the Normandy coastline, Ali has worked on campaigns with Hyundai, CUA, Red Bull Brazil, Qld Ballet, Suncorp, Qld Government, and Olympikus, amongst others.
She believes that with respect, trust, and the beauty of light, any subject can flourish. 

Olympikus 'The Brasil That Lives For Sport'

Instant Scratch-Its 'Mother's Day'
Queensland Country Health Fund 'Switch'
Nico 'Head in the Clouds'

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