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Welcome. Come on in and have a look around. This is our new website and we're pretty chuffed about how it has all turned out.

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Hope you like it. We'd love to know what you think.

PS Traffic would like to thank our in-house Norweigan wunderkid, Anders, for creating this site. We're sorry you had to be sent back home. Nyt den endeløse sommersolen.

Posted 7th Jul, 11 by Traffic Film and Video Production Brisbane and Sydney

Henry Boffin
Henry Boffin is a director who creates strong performances and emotive film content.
Henry crafts nuanced stories guiding productions with a deft touch taking into consideration all aspects of the filmmaking process to create the best result possible.
His versatile storytelling ability enables Henry to shift seamlessly between creating subtle comedy to heart-felt drama content.   
Performance / Comedy / Stop Motion

Brisbane Festival 
QLD Health 'Sun Squad' Baywatch
Aussie Helpers 'Milked Dry'
Kip & Wilbur 'Horror Films'
Bulla 'Sprinkled With Fun'
Brisbane Airport Company 'Tea'
Hitstroke FM 'Banana Hands'


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