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Matty Rogers

Director/DOP, photographer, graphic designer and mad downhill mountain biking champion. Matty Rogers not only creates great visual and action content, he understands where it's going to be experienced and how to create the stuff that grabs people's attention and engages them.

Matty is also has his own clothing label, Spent, that he overseas all creative and design -

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Allan Hardy

Allan Hardy 

Al is an director/dop who creates immersive visual content of an epic scale. We expect big things from him, so you should too…Al has stacks of experience directing, producing and distributing content projects throughout the broadcast, music, marketing and film industries, Allan has a vast collection of skills and experiences that he uses to full effect to deliver top content.


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Ali Cameron

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Corporate Training Videos CAN look great!

We recently worked with a client on a customer service training video for their staff. Having now completed the project, I’ve been reflecting on the process and the state of corporate videos in general…

This was a bit of a tricky project as we were provided the original video from the early nineties with the brief to modernize it. The client decided it was time to update their training to include new fangled technologies like ‘email’!

What can be a challenge with corporate training videos is trying to find ways to present the info in an engaging and interesting way, without losing the key messages. It’s usually a bit of a combined effort with the client providing the info they want to present and us helping them find an engaging way to present it.

Once we knew what we needed to do we put our thinking caps on. How can we make a corporate video, with a tight budget and limited recourses, that doesn’t cause people to immediately fall asleep as soon as it starts to play? Lets face it, we’ve all been forced to sit through dull, cheesy training videos that faster send you to sleep than teach you anything. I  for one never really found myself engaging with what I was being shown on screen. Though things may have been a little different if I’d seen this  [skip forward to the 1.30 mark to see the real magic].

All too often corporate or training videos stray so far from what viewers consider engaging content that they find it hard to connect with what they’re watching. I’m not talking about narrative - it’s not like getting the cast of neighbours to teach us how to salt the meat is going to help - I’m talking about the overall look and feel. Camera technology has come a long way in the last few years, and now we are in a position where, even with a small budget, we can make the images look great.  We can shoot scenarios in such a way that you feel like you’re watching a decent drama sequence, not just a very dodgy, badly shot sequence of Peter telling Paul he shouldn’t salt the meat like that.

And don’t even get me started with graphical elements, oh the possibilities!  This project utilised fresh simple graphic elements that worked really well even with a large amount of text information we had to present. The options with techniques such as motion graphics and animation are endless to help make great looking and engaging corporate videos.

So, despite what you have seen in the past, corporate and training videos CAN look great and be really engaging without diluting the key message. There are no more excuses for dry, dull and dodgy corporate videos.

Posted 3rd Oct, 11 by Sara | Producer at Traffic Film & Video Production Brisbane and Sydney