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Video Content Benefts

If you still need convincing that you should be using online video and other marketing video content to promote your business then look no further than this online video.

  • By 2013, 90% of Internet traffic will be video.
  • Video E-mail messages generate 2-3 times higher click-through rates compared to static E-mails.
  • By 2014 66% of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video.
  • Watching a minute of video is the equivalent of reading 1.8 million words

Posted 16th Mar, 12 by Traffic Film and Video Production Brisbane and Sydney

Video Content & Customer Service

Natural Running Store is an online running shoe store that's using video content to replicate as closely as possible the personal customer interactions that would exist in a physical store. They respond to customer questions with online videos, share training tips, create technique videos, post product reviews... if you can film it and share it then they do it.

This approach also works in the reverse as customers are encouraged to post videos and photos of their shoes and reviews so that they can get the right advice from the store as well as share their experiences.

All of this is then leveraged off social media including twitter, facebook, youtube and a blog.

The kicker is that it works extremely effectively. Really high search engine rankings, features on related blogs a profitable, growing business.

When you think about it, even though what Natural Running Store is doing is great and extremely effective, there's still a great number of other opportunities to use video content right across your business.

How the Natural Running Store are using video and social media at the core of their marketing was just brought to my attention by Social Media Examiner. Natural Running Store is a US-based online only running shoe retailer that specialises in natural or minimalistic shoes.

Traffic Film and Video Production Brisbane and Sydney

Posted 15th Mar, 12 by Traffic Film and Video Production Brisbane and Sydney

Viral Video - Marketing video for Dollar Shave Club

Stop what you are doing and watch this web video from


Now watch it again.


A great piece of video content launching a new company. Yeah the idea the company is a great, but the video is brilliant. Check out the views on this video - over 1 million in two days. Want proof that video content is key then here it is. Not only is the video entertaining, but it's super effective with so many people looking to sign up to Dollar Shave Club that the site crashed at one stage due to demand.

Posted 8th Mar, 12 by Traffic Film and Video Production Brisbane and Sydney

Motion Graphics - Stoy Ident

Nice piece of motion graphics ident that Anders put together while he was back home in Norway for Stoy.

Posted 2nd Mar, 12 by Traffic Film and Video Production Brisbane and Sydney