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Using Web Video Effectively

From time-to-time we at Traffic Film and Video Production highlight companies that are using web video and business video to effectively promote their business. Here's another example of a business using internet video to great effect.

Recently our resident marketing expert and cycling enthusiast stumbled upon Road ID, which is a great safety product, but they are also an excellent example of utilising internet video to promote their business and connect with their consumers.

Here's just one of the many Road ID web videos

RoadID have created a quality web video for almost everything they do, ranging from product demonstrations and explanations to engaging and interesting videos that follows the exploits of their sponsored athletes. Not only does this online content drive amazing search engine results it also creates an interesting and informative experience for customers.

Instead of having to read thousands of words to describe their products, the web videos demonstrate their products. They also connect with their target market perfectly with their range of 'Team Road ID' videos.

Take a few minutes and visit the Road ID website and think about how you could utilise online video to promote your business and drive customer engagement.

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Posted 31st May, 12 by Traffic Film and Video Production Brisbane and Sydney

Why you should be making business web videos

There are many reasons why you should be making web videos to promote your business online - here are our top nine.

1.   SEO

Video should be an integral tool of any search engine optimization strategy. Web videos, especially YouTube videos are key drivers to help businesses get further up the searches and on to the all important first pages of a Google search. This reason alone should be enough to get you excited about creating web videos for your business.

2.     Show Your Expertise

Web videos allow you to show your knowledge and expertise. Build confidence in your clients and potential clients by demonstrating that you are the experts in your field through an engaging business video.

3.     Tell your Story

Let people understand more about you and your business – tell them who you are, where you have come from and where you going. A web video that tells your business and your personal story is a really effective and engaging way to build confidence with your potential clients.

4.     Testimonials - Prove that it Works

Get your best customers, trade partners and employees to vouch for how good your product or service is. Generate your own positive word of mouth through testimonial videos.

5.     Engage and Entertain

People love to be entertained. Give them what they love and you will engage them and keep their attention longer. An engaging and entertaining marketing video is also more likely to be watched again and shared.

6.     Say More 

Through a web video you can communicate with your customers using fewer words and in a more engaging and interesting way. Given the choice to either read a lot of text or watch a short video – video will win every time. You will get your message across clearly and concisely with a video content.

7.     Answer Questions 

FAQ pages can be helpful if your customer is willing to sift through what is usually pages and pages of text. FAQ videos can create an engaging communication channel between you and your customers. A company that creates great marketing videos including FAQs is The Natural Running Store -

8.     Build Your Brand

Web business videos can be a great way to build your brand on your own website and also on YouTube and other social media channels.

9.     Advertise

Advertising online means that you can advertise directly to your target market for a fraction of the price of traditional media. With the opening up of video advertising through Google Adwords for video it has never been easier .

Posted 28th May, 12 by Traffic Film and Video Production Brisbane and Sydney

Web Video Content - Nike Football

A great interactive integrated online campaign video from Nike Football. The web video series is centred around one epic video which is great in itself, but there are 9 tunnels of video content that the viewer can choose to watch within this video by clicking on tabs that pop up while the video is playing.

A really interesting and engaging piece of web video content - already at almost 13 million views.

Best bet is to watch it on the Nike Football youtube channel.

Posted 25th May, 12 by Traffic Film and Video Production Brisbane and Sydney

Viral Video - Pepsi Max 'Uncle Drew'

An entertaining piece of viral video content created by Pepsi Max featuring NBA rookie of the year Kyrie Irving in disguise as 'Uncle Drew'.

The number two brand in cola is taking on the number one cola and branded content kings, Coca-cola, at their own game. This marketing video on youtube is entertaining, engaging and stays on brand.

The great thing is that this type of viral video is accessible to all brands and not just the big players. Don't be afraid. Connect and engage with your target market with killer web video content.



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Posted 24th May, 12 by Traffic Film and Video Production Brisbane and Sydney

Youtube's 7th Birthday Video

From humble beginings only seven years ago Youtube has grown to a web video sharing phenomenom. It has moved from a place to watch a funny cat to a powerful communication tool that everyone has access to from viral videos to company videos.

Here's a great video that Youtube produced to celebrate their birthday. It got us here at Traffic excited all over again for what's possible with web video content.


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Posted 23rd May, 12 by Traffic Film and Video Production Brisbane and Sydney

Google Adwords for Video

Until yesterday, placing video advertisements in videos on sites like youtube was only available to a select number of big advertisers that Google decided upon. Now Google have opened this up to everyone through Adwords for Video.

"But we already have videos on youtube." you say. Yep, but we're talking about targeting video ads to viewers of other videos online. Videos that can play at the start of another video or as an ad break during a longer video.

Now you can target the audience you want using Google Adwords and hit them with a compelling video that speaks directly to your target.

As always these things are best explained in a web video and Google have put a few together explaining it all.


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Posted 1st May, 12 by Traffic Film and Video Production Brisbane and Sydney