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Viral Video - Your Life Is Online

A great viral video for online security that is also a great example of the strength of creating online video content to advertise. A very clever promotional stunt video.

Traffic Film & Video Production Brisbane and Sydney

Posted 27th Sep, 12 by Traffic Film and Video Production Brisbane and Sydney

iPhone 5 | What it means to you (and us)

The new iPhone 5 was launched last week with all of the fanfare that a new product release from Apple requires. Is it just another Apple beat-up or is there something to get excited about? Also, what's it got to do with a film & video production company?

Well, yes Traffic is a production company, but we like to see ourselves more as content creators that just happen to be really good at making moving images on screen...

So what does the new iPhone 5 mean to us and you? Two things: 1. The iPhone 5 has a bigger screen that is at 16:9 aspect ratio, which is the same aspect ratio that video is filmed and presented in. 2. The iPhone 5 can connect to the superfast 4G mobile network which means faster data for users. All of this equals in more mobile phone video consumption.

With bigger screens and faster data access, users will now be able to stream video to their iPhone at quite fast speeds and it won't be long until that becomes the norm for everyone with a smartphone. Brands and marketers now have a great opportiunity to communicate with people through video on their mobile phones: from entertaining to informative videos and everything in between. These bigger screens and more importantly the faster data speeds will make mobile video the new standard.

So that's what the new iPhone 5 means to you. What it means to us is we get to help create all of this exciting new video content also, we get to help come up with new interesting and engaging projects. Can't wait!

Traffic Film & Video Production Brisbane and Sydney

Posted 17th Sep, 12 by Traffic Film and Video Production Brisbane and Sydney

User Generated Video | Dave Mathews Band

Dave Matthews Band's latest video for their new single "Mercy" stays true to the song's themes of unity and harmony with the music video almost entirely created with user-generated content.
The band put out a call to their fans to provide original photos and videos for the video that features only glimpses of the band and focuses on the fans. The initiative was driven by a competition for a fan, who provided content, to win a trip to the final show of the band's USA tour.
User-generated content is a great way to engage fans and done well can result in great outcomes, both in terms of interesting content as well as involving fans and customers with the brand and giving them a sense of ownership and connection.

Traffic Film & Video Production Brisbane and Sydney

Posted 13th Sep, 12 by Traffic Film and Video Production Brisbane and Sydney

Branded Content Video | ACCC 'The Marker'

Branded entertainment or branded content, call it what you will, more and more brands are creating their own video content that goes far beyond traditional advertsing. Brands are producing branded content/entertainment, mostly in the form of online videos, that aligns them with a particular culture, idea, ethos, brand story or to communicate their message in a deeper and more engaging way.

The latest brand to jump into the branded content pool is the corporate watchdog, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commision (ACCC) with their branded entertainment video 'The Marker'.

The ACCC has taken an innovative approach, stepping away from the more traditional 'corporate video', to create a 15 minute short film that folllows the journey of a new employee's demise to educate businesses and employees about the pitfalls and illegal nature of cartels. This video has been posted on Youtube as well as sent on a DVD as part of a package to 300 of Australia's largest businesses.

This is the right step forward in communicating a message through video. There's deeper engagement, recall and understanding through this type of video communication than other options that would have been used in the past like: brochures, slide shows, static websites and information sheets.

We firmly believe that all brands can benefit from using video content no matter the industry or the audience and the ACCC's short film 'The Marker' is another great example.

Traffic Film and Video Production Brisbane & Sydney

Posted 3rd Sep, 12 by Traffic Film and Video Production Brisbane and Sydney