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Branded Entertainment Video | Gravity Coffee

New Zealand coffee brand, Gravity Coffee, recently launched a very interesting branded entertainment video execution in the form of a micro TV series and set of online videos.

In partnership with radio station MoreFM, the series recruited an intern for the radio station in order to fly to El Salvador learn how to make the perfect coffee.

The footage of the trip was screened as 45 second commercials that ran at the same time each night on TV after the nightly news as a form of micro TV series. This was also supported by additional online videos including the intern's video diary of her trip.

This is a really interesting approach to broadcasting branded entertainment videos. Taking the traditional medium of TV and using it in an innovative way with a really interesting execution that works brilliantly both on air and online.

Posted 16th Oct, 12 by Traffic Film and Video Production Brisbane and Sydney

Viral Video - Rufus Tower

We have put up a fair few viral videos lately, but it's so interesting to see what goes viral and try and figure out why. Sometimes there's absolutely no rhyme or reason. Some times there's a very clever group of people working overtime to get the video seen by as many people as possible. And sometimes the video or the idea is just so great that everyone just has to watch it.

This video has that viral video key ingredient, a cat. Besides that it tells the cute little story about a guy building a box fort for his cat as an apology for having to give him painful eardrops to clear an infection. Rufus is one lucky cat.

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Traffic Directors

Traffic Directors 

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Viral Video - Mercedes Benz SLS

Here's another great online viral video, this time from Mercedes Benz. This is branded content at it's best.

The product is integral to the video, but there isn't a heavy 'sell'. The video content is also true to the brand and in particular the SLS. The SLS is shown off as the amazing car that it is with none other than a former top Formula 1 driver at the wheel. Mercedes is an aspirational brand and the SLS sits at the top of the tree and this video keeps it there. But it's also a fun brand: luxury cars, golf and Formula 1 kind of fun.

It's also a perfect match for Callaway Golf. They have paired themselves with everything that the Mercedes SLS stands for. Both Mercedes and Callaway have created a nice little partnership on this video that complement each other brilliantly.

It's a simple idea, but that's what makes it work so perfectly as an internet video. It's entertaining, engaging and fits perfectly with the brand. That's what you need to aim for with online branded entertainment. Enjoy.

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Posted 8th Oct, 12 by Traffic Film and Video Production Brisbane and Sydney