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Interactive web video | Nespresso

The other day we were excited to recieve an email from Nespresso with the subject tittled "Discover the new interactive Nespresso film starring George Clooney". We couldn't wait to see what they had created. Here's a top global company coming into Christmas, surely this is going to be a new exciting interactive web video that's going to really knock our socks off. Unfortunately it wasn't.

We don't usually write about work that we think dosen't makes the cut, but in this case we think it's beneficial to highlight what interactive web video shouldn't be.

Click here to watch the Nespresso interactive video.

The are two main issues with this video:

1. The video is just an adaptation of a TV commercial. Actually it's really just a commercial cut up with some awkward breaks. The problem is that by not creating a specific video for online interactivity, it falls well short. This type of video needs to tell an engaging story that the viewer wants to immerse themselves in and intearct with.

2. The interactive "reward", to be blunt, is a let down. Each time a viewer interacts with this video they are directed to very cut and dry retail information. Admitadly, the video was created to educate about "what else can Nespresso do for you", but after the first two "interactive" elements we began to ask ourselves "why bother clicking on any more options?". We did, but we were let down.

Asos Urban Tour
This is robably the best example of an interactive online video, with break outs that were truly interactive that also had built in e-commerce capabilities. Unfortunately the interactive site for this is no longer live. Regardless, it is still an impressive online video.

Takeaway points:

  • Immerse the viewer in the story, let them go deeper.
  • To be interactive the video needs to be truly interactive. Can the viewer influence elements of the story in the video or can they interact with other people around the video?
  • Content needs to be created specifically for the broadcast medium whether that's TV, social media, interactive web video, cinema etc.
  • Make the interaction desireable and wothwhile.


Posted 12th Dec, 12 by Traffic Film and Video Production Brisbane and Sydney

Google Glasses | The future?

Could this be the future? Probably.

So what does it all mean? Connectivity, enagagement and content will all be key. Yes they are buzzwords, but they will, and already do, hold true. Brands will have to connect with cusomers and engage with them through a variety of content. Not just video content, but all types of content will be wanted and needed by consumers to interact with, share and to be informed.

It's all very exciting to see what might be, but these priniciples hold true today and are only going to become more imporant as technology continues to advance.

Another reason to feature this in our blog is that it's a great piece of online video in it's own right. Enjoy and imagine the possibilities.

Posted 3rd Dec, 12 by Traffic Film and Video Production Brisbane and Sydney