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Interactive Motion Control Video Experience

Here's a motion control project we have been working on to create an interactive sound and video experience that is fully controlled by the user's movements.

While the end goal is to be able to mix both the sound and the vision elements live with total control, for now, in these early stages, we are limited to creating an interactive sound and video experience with more basic sound and visuals.

This project has obvious uses for live events including music performances by DJs and VJs, however we are also exploring ways in which installations can be interactive and controlable by the viewer (who becomes the user) for brands and business. Also, we just love fun interactive experiences


Posted 18th Jan, 13 by Traffic Film and Video Production Brisbane and Sydney

Top 10 Viral Ads in 2012

To kick off the new year, Google looks back at the top Youtube videos of the year that was across a number of categories. There's the top pet videos, top action videos, top gaming videos and of course the top viral ads for the year.

The 2012 list is extremely varied ranging from viral stalwarts of paradies and songs, right through to a 'traditional' commercial proving once again that there are no set rules for viral success other than quality content.

1. Gangnam Aussie Battler Style - by Fitzy and Wippa, NovaFM

2. Call Me Maybe - Aussie Blokes Version - by Fitzy and Wippa, NovaFM

3. DC Shoes: Ken Block Gymkhana FIve

4. A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Street - turner benelux

5. Battle Scars Parody 'Cookie Jars' - by Fitzy, Wippa, Guy Sebastian & Lupe Fiasco, NovaFM

6. Tomorrowland 2012 - Aftermovie - Tomorrowland Channel  

7. Barbie Girl- Australia Day - by Sam Kekovich, Melissa Tkautz and Justice Crew via BMF

8. Throw Another Steak on the Barbie! - Nothing Beats Beef via BMF

9. Seductive Motion - Samsung Televisions via BETC London

10. -  TV Commercial

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