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Online Branded Video Content Tips

With all this talk about brands creating their own content, telling a story and pulling back on the "sell" to in turn, sell their product or service, it can get mighty confusing. There is no doubt that video is a really engaging medium to tell a story. And, with faster internet and faster mobile connections along with the growith in video consumption, it important to use video as part of your content marketing recipe.

But what what makes good branded video content?

First off, don't just post a TV commercial somewhere and think you've just created branded content. I like to look branded content almost like you would a sponsorship opportunity. It has to fit the brand, it has to reach your target and it has to be relevant to your tagert market.

On top of these factors, the content needs to fit the channel you are using. TV, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vimeo, your own website etc, are all used differently. Create your content with the channel or channels you plan to use in mind (you don't have to use them all!). Adapt your content and delivery method depending on your channel. Keeping this in mind while creating your content will save you time and money, as well as make your campaign more effective.

There isn't a simple formula to follow. Which is great as that means good content will have to keep being created to be effective.

I'll leave you with a good example of online branded video content example - the Top End YouTube channel by The Northern Territory. Check it out and see what you pick up from their online branded video content.



Posted 26th Feb, 13 by Anthony McCormack - Strategic Development, Traffic Film & Video Brisbane and Sydney

Happy Birthday YouTube

I just saw this infographic as part of a post by Jeff Bullas and the facts and stats around YouTube are absolutely mind-boggling and well worth everyone getting their head around.

The biggest stand out for me though is that YouTube is the number tow search engine next to Google. People are going straight to YouTube to search for information and entertainment knowing that what they want is there (or should be there). Something every brand can't afford to ignore considering how best to make use of this great channel to communicate with your target audience.

Posted 11th Feb, 13 by Anthony McCormack - Strategic Development

GoPro | Kings of Branded Content

There's no denying that the GoPro is an amazing camera. It's a go anywhere and do anything High Definition stills and video camera. There is also no denying that GoPro is a king of creating and commissioning branded entertainment.

It might seem a bit too easy for GoPro. They make versatile HD cameras that can pretty much film anything so they shoot and distribute a plethora of product demonstrations - their cameras shooting amazing scenes and actions. It's a simple equation and it works. Every time someone watches a GoPro video, they are watching a product demonstration, an endorsment. Also, they videos encourage customers to do the same with their footage they shoot on their own camera. Creating more branded entertainment that is shared among customers and their networks.

It might be a no-brainer for GoPro to create branded content, but it should be a no-brainer for every brand to engage customers more deeply and more often. Video is a natural medium for branded content which can be almost anything including: client testimonials, product demonstrations, technical product information, how to videos, reviews, news... the list goes on.

Posted 4th Feb, 13 by Traffic Film and Video Production Brisbane and Sydney