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Interactive Experience | Heineken Dropped

We love this latest promotion by Heineken. Dropped is a great example of a brand creating great content and engaging their target market to respond to and ultimately help create the conten with a user created video entry submitted through Twitter.

A great idea executed well.  The fourth voyage is still up for grabs in August. If it's open to Australia I know I'll be submitting a video. Check out Dropped here.



Posted 19th Jun, 13 by Ant McCormack | Traffic Film & Video Production Brisbane & Sydney

Marketing Stunt Video: Samsung Galaxy S4

Here's a fun and challenging advertising stunt that creates an entertaining piece of online video for the new Samsung Galaxy S4.

This stood execution out for us because it works brilliantly as an engaging experience at the train station, it translates into an entertaining and shareable videa and to cap it all off the product is at the centre of it all.

But, is this sort of thing going the way of the flash mob? They were great and everyone (and every brand) wanted to do one, regardless if they should. We're not calling it as done and dusted, just throwing it out there. When done well, this type of execution can be great.

Here's the best example we've seen so far..

Posted 5th Jun, 13 by Ant McCormack, Strategic Development Traffic Film & Video Production