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Pete Rogers - July 26
Pete Rogers creates great looking visual content with heart using a deft touch to highlight genuine moments. Pete always takes viewers on a journey.
Pete cut his teeth working under top surf filmmaker Taylor Steele as an assistant director working on surf films and ad campaigns for Corona, Roxy, Pacifico Beer and various fashion labels. 
Pete has created a stack of video content for leading brands inclding: Flight Centre, Contiki, AAT Kings, HelloWorld and Student Flights, Stone & Wood and Corona - shooting in iconic locations all around the world. 

Student Flights | Ho Chi Minh City in 60 Seconds
AAT Kings | Meet Dave & The Kimberley's
Splend Drivers 'Simon'
Mick Fanning 'Missing' Trailer
AAT Kings 'Meet Mark'
Residency: Darwin Deez | Corona Extra

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Film Production Jargon Buster: Editing

Every industry loves having its own language. If you know the code then you’re in the club, if you don’t, you better learn fast or maybe just smile and nod.

Here at Traffic Film and Video Production we think it’s time to let you in the club and give you the lowdown on all of the film production. First up is busting down some editing jargon:

The first stage of the edit process. The raw footage is selected and brought together to create a rough edit. None of the post-production magic like VFX and sound happen during the offline.

The final stage of editing where all of the magic post-production elements come together to create the final product.

Also known as colour grading. Where the colour of the video is altered and enhanced to change the overall look and feel of the footage.


Posted 19th Jul, 13 by Traffic Film and Video Production Brisbane and Sydney