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Film Production Jargon Busting: Pre-production

Here at Traffic Film and Video Production we continue to let you in the know and give you the lowdown on all of the film production jargon that can fly around.

Now to shed some light on some of the jargon around pre-production:

Pre-prod or PPM
Uually refers to the pre-production meeting. This is when the producer, director and client representatives all get together just before a film shoot to confirm everything for the shoot.

A document the production company puts together that has all of the information everyone needs to know for the shoot including: contact details, locations, maps, shoot schedule, parking, safety, catering etc.


Determines the suitability of a location. Not just for visual appeal, but also for access, facilities, services and any visual or sound issues.

Director’s Treatment
A document that outlines the director’s response to the brief. How they will bring the project to life including look and feel, cinematography, music, sound and editing.

A simple animated representation of the script that can be used to work out timings and to further communicate the director’s vision if necessary. 

Posted 11th Sep, 13 by Traffic Film and Video Brisbane & Sydney