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Traffic People | Jill McMahon

Traffic People. Meet the great team behind the work at Traffic Film & Video Production. Meet Jill McMahon, Traffic Film's senior producer.

Jill is a top senior producer with an impressive range of production experience in top advertising agencies, commercial film production and post-production companies all over Australia. Jill also has experience producing local programs for Channel Seven Brisbane.

Jill’s experience across all levels and types of production means that she pretty much knows everything that anyone needs to know about pulling together a smooth, successful and on budget film or video production.

Jill is all about making sure your project gets the detailed attention it requires and makes each step of the entire process as smooth and seamless for you as possible.


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Ali Cameron

Ali Cameron is a hands on director with a love for telling real stories about real people. Her background in photographic art and journalism tints her work with an aesthetic that is simultaneously nostalgic, genuine, creative and experimental.  

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Ali arrived in Australia in 1989 after spending her first years of life in Africa. These early years of transience and travel instilled a deep sense of curiosity, openness and an unfaltering desire to explore.

After working in Australia for a number of years, Ali dove into the fast paced world of the São Paulo film and photography industry. Working for production company Galeria Experiência, she has filmed and photographed a huge range of clients and projects including  Red Bull, Nike, LG and TV show ‘Base Aliada’ for Rio based channel GNT.

She also worked as a freelance photojournalist for São Paulo’s largest newspaper Folha de São Paulo, producing work for their culture guide, magazine and daily journal. During her time in Brazil she was exposed to unique and innovative ways to approach film production amidst the South American market.



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Simon Harvey Smith
Simon is an accomplished director, cinematographer, and editor. Above all else however, he is a passionate visual storyteller who loves capturing viewers’ attention and making material stand out from the rest. He enjoys collaborating with clients to really get to the core of what meaning, vibe and image needs to be portrayed. His all round knowledge and hands-on approach to the entire filmmaking process guarantees that budgets end up on screen. Simon has a versatile range and style, and has been creating commercials and music videos and for over 15 years. 
He has made clips for a wide range of bands and artists from The Amity Affliction to Brian Mc Fadden and has worked with worldwide brands such as Yamaha and Toyota.  He has been recipient of multiple Gold Australian Cinematography Awards and has received a prestigious Ellie award nomination for his editing.











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TEDxBrisbane xTraffic

Traffic and big brother Taxi FilmProduction teamed up with TEDxBrisbane 2013 to create a bunch of branded content to integrate througout the day. ONE THING was created by Rich Wang who asked the people of Brisbane "What's the one thing you can't live without?" - recording in a series of videos on what kids, adults, seniors and finally what the attendees of TEDxBrisbane can't live without. 

You might be surprised at who has some of the more superficial answers...

Traffic's in house editor Andy Thompson edited together the final video of the TEDxBrisbane attendees' responses that sane day ready to be played at the event at the end of the day.

Posted 2nd Oct, 13 by Traffic Film and Video Production Brisbane and Sydney