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Online Video Optimisation Tips

So you've created some compelling, interesting and engaging video content. Now what? 

You want people to see your video, the right people. With over 72 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute you can’t just upload a video and expect thousands and thousands of viewers. Online videos need to be optimised so your target market finds and watches your video. Your video title, description and tags all help your video be found and then help determine if it will be ultimately be watched. 

Just like your website, your video title needs to be a combination of SEO keywords with a heading that is interesting and grabs attention. Put your searchable keywords early in the title and leave any product or branding for the end of the title.

As for your online video title, the video description should also be optimised for both SEO and to spark interest your audience. Don't just fill it with keywords, remeber humans are on the other side of the screen reading your description! The first two lines of the description are key as these are the only ones YouTube displays in search results. Remember to always include links to your website and social media pages in your description so they can contact you or engage with you and your brand further.

Take time to add tags to your video with relevant keywords. They should completely describe your video and just like other SEO keywords, make sure the most relevant words are first. 

These basic steps really help your video to be found and watched by your target audience. Part of creating effective video content, is making sure it can be found and is watched by the right people.


Posted 28th Nov, 13 by Ant McCormack, Strategic Development Traffic Film & Video Production