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Content Marketing in 2014

Content marketing has been the buzz term for marketers, advertising agencies and production companies for the past year or two. However, no longer is creating quality, inspiring and useful content just "the next big thing", it's something marketers and businesses can't ignore.

Instead of just hearing from us about how important content marketing is (as well as the customer experience), check out this list of predictions for 2014 from Responsys' survey of 20 top digital marketers. 2014 expert marketing predictions.

Effective content marketing isn't about creating the next hit viral video. It's about putting together a well thought out content strategy that puts the customer experience first. Have a good reason for your content, make it count and importantly, make it as useful and engaging to the viewer as possible.

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Posted 13th Jan, 14 by Ant McCormack, Strategic Development Traffic Film & Video Production