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Content Video - Supercheap Auto

A little bit of a fun little video we created with the Supercheap Auto marketing team as the talent. The Supercheap Auto team also came up with the idea of the Hairy Godmother and wrote the script.

All part of getting involved in their user generated content competition the Bathurst Big Break. What better way to encourage your fans and customers to get involved in creating and sharing video content than to get the brand people involved.

Not a bad effort guys. Good thing they are much better at making things happen behind the scenes and normally leave the professionals to do their jobs in front of camera...

Posted 22nd Jul, 14 by

Creative Project: Midnight Magic with Loc Boyle

Here's a fun little collaborative creative project filmed, directed and edited by Loc Boyle with friend and music producer Sapta. As the title suggests this was shot late one night in India creating a bit of a surreal and entertaining visual experience. And yes, the security guard is a real guard and he was on duty at the time...

Posted 16th Jul, 14 by Traffic Film & Video Production Brisbane & Sydney