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Hyperlapse - time lapse video in your pocket

This week Instagram launched a fantastic new app called Hyperlapse. An amazing video app that lets everyone create high quality time lapse videos with their smart phone. This simple to use and powerful app is very cool and opens up a whole other level of video content creation to everyone. Probably it's most powerful feature is the ability to make moving hand held time lapse videos.

As a film and content production company, you might think we are concerned by this sort of technology (and others) that allows everyone to create great looking video content using a piece of gear that everyone has. But it's actually the opposite. More people are consuming and engaging with video content every day - both from their friends and family as well as from brands. Engagement with brands through Instagram is dramatically increased if a brand uses video. Not to mention that video is the best way to communicate ideas..

So, instead of being a threat to us. This type of advancement only increases the consumption of video contentn and, adds what we can do with creating compelling video content that people want to watch and share. 

We have added Hyperlapse to our kit bag of content creation because it is great and has it's time and place to be the right tool to create the right piece of video content. Yeah, anyone can use this type of app, but it's the craft of the content creation team and directors along with the content strategy that can really make this type of content truly great and useful.

Written by:
Ant McCormack, Strategic Development & Innovation


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Director Brodie Rocca Joins Traffic

We're really excited to have Brodie Rocca join the Traffic team (yep, that's his real name). Brodie is a director who creates a wide range of content including TV commercials and online branded entertainment. He has a versatile skill set in his director kit bag from top editing skills to being pretty handy with a camera.

Brodie is always looking to to uncover the heart of the story - capturing genuine moments that connect and engage with the audience. He's got an almost innate ability to work with non-actors to make them feel comfortable in front of the camera and get authentic and relaxed performances. He's also a really great guy to have around.

Since joining us Brodie has barely had a second to catch his breath shooting a series of TV commercials for KM Smith Funerals and a TVC and online video for a national insurnace company. He's also in pre-production for a number of projects, including one that will see him shoot all over Queenslland. 

Click here to check out Brodie's work as well as some of his work below.


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